Tips to Set the Right Expectations of the Residents During Multifamily Roofing Project

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Multifamily roof repair or installation is as much of a headache to property managers as it is to residents. As during the project the property will be temporarily turned into a construction site, it is the responsibility of property managers to convey the message to residents for a hassle-free living and the successful completion of the project.

In this post, we give you some helpful tips to successfully manage multifamily residents during a roofing project.

Inform Residents in Advance

As the installation site and the area surrounding area of the building would be temporarily turned into a construction site, it is important to set the right expectation of residents in advance. You can notify your residents about the project through emails, flyers or arrange a quick meeting. Also, inform them about days and time during which the roofing construction is stipulated to take place. Informing in advance will help residents make plans to be out of the housing during the time roofing work takes place.

Use Signage

If the roofing contractors are going to need the parking space right in front of the building, or any of the sidewalks or entrance are going to be blocked for a certain period of time due to repair or installation work, it is important to install signage at all such key locations, so that the residents know that they have to avoid crossing or be careful when crossing these areas.

Maintain Open Communication

Even if you have everything in place, it is still a good idea to have open communication with residents until the roofing project is complete. Inform residents about the delay in the project, for example, if due to unfavorable weather conditions the project work has been pushed further for several days, inform residents about the extended duration of the project. Any change in the plan should be communicated to the residents as soon as possible. Even when the contractor reschedules the work only for one day, every information that can affect the daily life of residents should be communicated to them without any delay.

Wrap Up

Communicating, the inconvenience residents may face during roofing project, will allow them to make provisions on time, without blaming anything on you. If you are still in the process of finalizing a commercial roof maintenance services provider, look no further than United Renovation. The roofing experts at UR are highly skilled and experienced to ensure your new roof lasts as long as possible while providing regular maintenance. Should you wish to learn more about our multi family roofing services, fill out our contact form or simply call (972) 818-1065/ (972) 818-1069/ (866) 428-1065.

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