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Lead is recognized as the number one environmental threat in the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that approximately half a million children in the US have high concentrations of lead in their blood, due to regular exposure to old lead paint. Although the US government has prohibited the use of lead around residential areas in 1978, a lot of rental properties still have lead paint, which is both against the law and the health of tenants. Owners of such properties must consult a professional multifamily remodelling contractor that can leverage eco-friendly techniques to remove the paint and renovate the property.


Why Should You be Concerned?


Health Hazards

  • Humans absorb lead into their bloodstream, which directly reaches the digestive tracts, resulting in severe abdominal pain or appendicitis.
  • Lead interferes with the neurotransmitters and brain functioning that results in brain damage.
  • High level of lead absorption causes nervous system problems and learning disabilities, especially in children between 1 to 5 years.
  • Lead poisoning can cause severe reproductive issues in pregnant women, and may even lead to a miscarriage or deformities.
  • Continuous lead exposure can cause anemia, damaged kidney function, coma, and in extreme cases, even death.


Laws Prohibiting Lead Paints

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 1978 banned paints with more than .06 percent lead for residential use, after an appeal against Lead Industries Association. A lot of property owners failed to comply, and as a result, Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Regulation was enacted in 1992. This act states that owners of rental properties must disclose detailed information about any use of lead-based paint and its hazards to potential and existing tenants. In addition, landlords are also required to remove or cover lead-based paint, particularly in the areas used by children. The court holds property owners responsible for the removal of lead-based paint from their rental units, failing to which they may have to deal with severe implications.


The Way Ahead

It is the responsibility of owners to notify their tenants regarding lead-based paint, its hazards, and the possible precautions. Some of the preventions includes:

  • Clean the apartment thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of leaded paint chips or dust.
  • Avoid wearing regular shoes in the lead contaminated area, so it is not spread everywhere you go. Instead, you can use rubber boots.
  • Cover the area that has lead-based paint while cleaning the rest of the house, including any heating or ventilation ducts, using plastic sheets.
  • Cover the lead surface with durable, fire-resistant materials such as gypsum board, aluminum, plywood paneling, and laminates.


Final Words

Although multifamily construction contractors take care of all the factors that enable residents to have a healthy and safe habitat, even tenants need to thoroughly inspect all suitable options before renting an apartment. Apart from providing safe and healthy products, your multifamily construction contractors should take care of work quality and value addition, and this is where United Renovations comes to the rescue. If you wish to learn more about lead paint removal or have any other questions related to multifamily renovations, feel free to reach us at (972) 432-6922. Alternatively, fill out our drop a message and we’ll take it from there.

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