Roofing Installations: Safeguarding Multifamily Properties in Summer

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Multifamily roofing service

In the months of June and July, protection from rain is a major concern for majority of people in different parts of the USA, as it doesn’t drizzle but pours heavily. Whether you live in an apartment or a multifamily property, roof is the first line of defense against nature’s fury. So how do you prepare roof for harsh weather? You can’t rest assured by thinking that your roof can take all the pounding weather has to offer. It is advisable to check roofing installations for damages and repair them before it costs you a fortune. Here are few pointers to consider before hiring a commercial roofing service.

Damages and Fixes
Check the roof for leaks, blows-offs, billowing and tenting. These are preliminary signs of damage and are easy to repair. Ask your roofing contractor to follow the roofing code of your area as it helps to prevent blows-offs, billowing or tenting. A regular maintenance program takes care of leakage of roof. Regular maintenance prevents damage to roof caused by pounding water or unfilled pitch pockets.

At times, faulty installation causes damage to roof and leads to previously mentioned problems. Ask for a checklist that is specific to roofing avoids this slip up. Another measure that you can take is to inspect the roof after roofing work is complete and verify the work with the specifications mentioned in the checklist.

Checking Skylights
A substandard job near skylight is the beginning of a disaster. After roofing installation is complete, ensure the sealing is done properly around the skylight or the sun tunnel to ensure there is no room for water to seep inside the building. Remember a penny saved is a penny earned.

Inspect Gutters
Yes, gutter is not a part of roofing system, nevertheless, it is important to have gutters free from clogs, leaks and have them properly affixed to the walls. A clogged or loose gutter leads to water dropping and this further leads to moist walls and water entering the house through walls.

Commercial roofing services will solve these problems in one go, however, to ensure that they do not occur again, begin a maintenance program with your roofing contractor. If you are not aware of roofing contractors, contact the general contractor who remodeled your multifamily building.

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