Reading the Signs of Roof Damage

A robust roofing system protects you from the elements and lowers your heating costs. It is important that the roof remains in good shape, though that’s not possible primarily due to the abuse it goes through from the external elements. Strong winds and heavy rain are the biggest events that can significantly damage your residential or commercial property roofing. As a property owner or manager, it is crucial to pay attention to the early signs of roof damage. That is the only way to stop any damage dead in its tracks and avoid costly repairs. The damage, if left unchecked, is often rapidly aggravated to a point where you may need to hire property restoration services to restore the roof. This blog post discusses signs of roof damage that require immediate attention.

Blistered or Cracked Shingles

Shingles, when in a perfect condition, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight damages them from the inside, resulting in cracks and blistering. Rain and blizzards also take a toll on the condition of the shingles, as they loose granules and become brittle. This may result in irreversible damage to the roofing system and may attract costly repairs. It is, therefore, recommended that you get in touch with a roofing expert at the first sight of cracks or blisters.

Blocked Gutters

Shingle granules may become loose due to aging, rain, or storms, resulting in the shingles coming off from their spaces. Rain water washes away the loose granules, often choking the gutters. A gutter that is blocked with granules doesn’t allow rainwater to drain from the roof, resulting in water stagnation. Instances of water ponding on the roof are easily identifiable as spots on ceiling.

Leaking Ceiling

The water spots that develop on the ceiling, if left untreated for long, can result in leaks. Finding the source of a leak is also difficult, as it may migrate from the original spot. This is why it is advisable to get in touch with a professional roof repair contractor the moment you spot any leaks. They will thoroughly inspect the roof to find the source of leak and provide a lasting solution to reverse the damage. If the leak gets worse, it may result in roof damage, requiring assistance from a reputable damaged property restoration service provider.

Spongy Wood Deck

Failure to check the roof after heavy wind or blizzards can result in water stagnation, causing the decking to rot and increasing the probability of leaks. Longstanding water damage can even lead to soft and spongy wood decking. Spotting a pongy wood deck isn’t difficult. If you notice water spots on the decking, immediately contact a roof repair and restoration service provider for the best repair to the damage.

Water Spots on Exterior Walls

Stagnant water often seeps through the point where the roof meets the wall or step flashing, resulting in water spots on the exterior walls of your multifamily building. Regular abuse may result in rusting of the step flashing, causing rainwater to leave water spots. It is, therefore, crucial that you hire roofing experts to repair the damage by replacing the step flashing.

The Way Ahead

Your roofing system is under constant stress due to exposure to the elements and changing weather. Though the initial damage may not be severe, it may get worse if left untreated, even resulting in permanent roof damage that requires costly repairs. That is why it is crucial to have a preventive roof maintenance plan to detect the above-mentioned signs of damage as early as possible. For professional assistance with checking your roofing system for damage, maintenance, repairs, and even re-installation, look no further than United Renovations. Our team of roofing experts possess extensive experience in taking care of complex multifamily roof repair and restoration services. To learn more, contact our property restoration experts by filling out our contact form or call us at (972) 432-6922.

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