Multifamily Disaster Restoration: 3 Focus Areas to Consider

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Multifamily Disaster Restoration with United RenovationsAny natural disaster in the form of flood, fire, storm, or snowfall is a huge setback for the operational efficiency of a multifamily housing business. As soon as the building is damaged, it is important to take temporary precautionary measures to protect property from additional damages. As property owners or investors would require disaster restoration services to rebuild the property, there are certain focus areas, which they must keep in mind when employing professional disaster restoration services. To help, the post outlines three critical focus areas to consider when hiring a professional disaster restoration company.

1. Avoid Contractor Fraud

Property owners looking for disaster restoration services can, unfortunately, fall victim to home repair scams and contractor fraud that involve stealing money by offering shoddy and incomplete repairs. Sometimes, the fraudulent contractor may even complete the job, but would charge exorbitant cost for the services. To avoid being victim to any of the home repair scams avoid hiring someone out of the phone book and make sure that you hire only a licensed disaster restoration service provider. Check with your local building authority to ensure that contractor you hire is a licensed one.

2. Take Photographs of the Damaged Property

Photographs of the damaged property work as a proof for the insurance claim. It is, recommended, to take the photos immediately after the damage and before the beginning of the restoration work. Also, if the property hasn’t faced any damage yet, it is still advisable, to take a complete set of photographs of your multifamily property in its current condition, which would serve as “before damage” pictures in case of the damage. In addition, keep all restoration receipts in place for insurance purposes.

3. Contact your Local Building Department

It is illegal to perform demolition, permanent repairs or site developments without having the required permits in most of the states in the U.S. It is, therefore, important to obtain proper permits when undertaking any commercial projects. After assessing your property post-disaster contact your local building authority for information on required permits. Building permits are often required for new roof installation, interior remodeling, and new construction, among others.

Wrap Up

As soon as the disaster hits your multifamily housing building, it is recommended to contact a professional disaster restoration service provider. Hiring a professional disaster restoration service company for rebuilding your asset can save you time while keeping the costs low. The professionals at United Renovations are highly skilled and experienced to help you with an exterior renovation, interior remodeling, roofing, asset repositioning, and everything that comes under disaster restoration services. Should you wish to learn more about our disaster restoration services, simply call (972) 818-1065/ (972) 818-1069/ (866) 428-1065, or fill out our contact form, one of our representatives will get in touch with your, shortly.

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