Kitchen Remodeling Essentials for Multifamily Properties

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multifmily apartment interior renovationThe kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history.–Debi Mazar

Debi said it in her own style, a feeling that we all go through every Sunday morning when we walk into the kitchen and smell coffee brewing in the pot. Therefore, the question in front of investors is how to make kitchens a part of tenants’ memories. While you are remodeling apartments, look at some of the trends that are popular among residents in Houston, TX.

Coffee Brewer
Nothing beats the morning laziness better than a large cup of cappuccino. All houses have coffee makers, what is new? Add a coffee maker that delivers an espresso or cappuccino. There are coffee makers available that make variety of coffee at a press of a button.

Functional Designing
Design a kitchen that incorporates diverse functionality. Replace bulky stove heads with latest designs. Today’s stove heads are sleek, curvy made from new age materials that are custom proficient where in you can even make a spice rack above stove racks.

Cabinet Design
Cabinets have also undergone changes. They, nowadays, easily conceal their content and at the same time provide flexibility and great looks. You don’t need to sacrifice looks for functionality or other way round. Cabinets are available in a wide range of materials ranging from metal to wood to fabricated materials. Sleek designing allows for special add-ons such as sleek wine fridges that easily fit among cabinets or multifunctional dishwashers.

Stove Design
Stove is the heart and soul of the kitchen. Earlier we had option of either gas or electric stoves. Today there are stoves that make room for dual cooking, meaning you can use both gas as well as electricity with a turn of a nob. These stoves come in a combination wherein couple of burners will have electric connection and remaining gas connection. As a user this give wide choices in cooking option and another point scored for upselling the house to potential renter.

Remote Accessible Kitchen
Technology today, has made our lives easier in every way possible and kitchen is the next destination for going online. The next generation of kitchen appliances are remote accessible that means users can control these equipments remotely. Integrate these appliances during remodeling to make yours a 21st century house.

Investing in a good kitchen is money well spent for you and your building. After remodeling, kitchen should have better storage space and easy to use for the tenants.  Remodeling the kitchen makes the apartment look good while at the same time increase the value of the house and building overall.

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