Importance of Pre-Construction Planning for Multifamily Asset Improvement

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Multifamily Asset Improvement & Insurance Restoration by United RenovationsMultifamily property owners are always looking for ways to improve the standard of living at their properties to attract more renters. Multifamily renovation and restoration service providers assist property owners in improving the value of their multifamily property. We provide pre-construction planning and scheduling to help you with your multifamily renovation strategy.


Property Assessment

The primary objective of pre-construction planning is to evaluate the overall condition of the property. It covers the structural condition of the property to the fixtures and facilities offered in the premises, and documents every detail.

Project Analysis

The information collected helps the team to define the scope of work involved. We also work with you to determine the greatest points of ROI.


Once information on the scope of work is available, our team is able to prepare a preliminary price estimate. The budget estimate is crucial for property owners, investors, and lenders, as it allows them to divide the work according to its significance.


Recommending construction materials and sources to the property owners, investors, and lenders is also part of pre-construction planning. Multifamily renovation and restoration providers have networks of reputable suppliers of construction materials needed for the project.


The multifamily renovation and restoration service provider is also responsible for preparing a timeline of project activities during the pre-construction phase. This not only helps their teams manage the work, but also gives property owners an idea of what to expect.

Permit Assessment

One of the most critical aspects of pre-construction planning is determining the various permits required for the job. The construction company is responsible for carrying out every activity in adherence to the various state laws, including worker and environmental safety.

The Process

The objective of pre-construction planning for multifamily properties is to address all requisites for seamless execution of the construction work, from resource and materials allocation to timeline and budget optimization.

Final Words

If you are in Texas and searching for a reputable multifamily renovation and restoration service provider, we specialize in multifamily asset improvement, but also offer assistance with pre-acquisition and insurance restoration. If you wish to learn more about our pre-construction planning services, fill out our contact form or simply call (972) 432-6922.

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