Environment-friendly Design Trends for Multifamily Properties

Environment-friendly Design Trends by United Renovations

Multifamily property owners and managers need to keep investing in their property to maintain its value in the neighborhood. At the same time, they have to make sure that all installations in the property are in conformance with latest design trends and environmental regulations. Investing in trendy environment-friendly designs is an excellent proposition for multifamily property owners, as it helps in lowering energy bills and operational costs. To take advantage of environment-friendly design trends, you need help from a reputable commercial or multifamily design services company. To get you started identifying sustainable design trends that you can incorporate in your multifamily property, this blog post gives you some suggestions.

Use Sustainable Materials

To make your multifamily property eco-friendly, ensure that you choose sustainable construction materials. Sustainable materials are now available at affordable prices, and you can easily find them at pocket friendly prices. Sustainable construction materials such as timber and LED light fixtures also help you send a positive message to your tenants on your concern for the environment. Using sustainable construction materials can help you earn LEED certifications that come with handsome tax advantages for property owners.

Instal Energy-efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are a hallmark of environment-friendly properties. Installing such appliances in a multifamily property can significantly reduce energy usage and also help increase the building’s LEED score. Installing efficient appliances in every apartment demonstrates your seriousness towards saving energy and can influence tenants to save energy.

Create Bicycle Storage Space

The ever-increasing traffic and pollution requires immediate preventive steps. Cycling is one of the popular modes of transportation, which is why having bicycle storage space in your property is important. A multifamily design service provider can create on-site in-unit or in-building bicycle storage spaces. in-unit bicycle spaces have racks mounted on the walls or ceiling to save space, while in-building spaces provide easy access with hands-free smart lock technology.

Leverage Eco-friendly Landscaping

Landscaping improves curb appeal and showcases sustainable developments on the premises. Plan with your designing contractor to create a culturally perfect area. Create a lawn with statues and shrubs to create the perfect aesthetic appeal. If you live in an area that receives less rainfall, go for plants that require less water. During the planning phase, ensure proper spacing so the landscape doesn’t look cluttered.

Have Specially Created Green Areas

Having a garden in front of the building helps create a relaxing space where tenants can relax and socialize with the neighbors. Coordinate with your designing contractor to provide a play area for tenants to take their children or pets for some play time, and even go for jogs.

The Bottom Line

Redesigning a multifamily property helps increase the property’s value while attracting prospective tenants and maintaining a steady source of income. Whether you own a commercial or multifamily property, if you are planning to give it a facelift, look no further than United Renovations. We are a leading design service company assisting commercial and multifamily property owners in giving their property the desired look. To learn more about our design services, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (972) 432-6922.

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