Commonly Asked Questions about Fire Damage Restoration

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Multifamily Property Renovations with United Renovations Fire can destroy entire floors of a commercial building, making it uninhabitable until restored. Only experienced professionals should be asked to do the job when it comes to fire damage restoration. The restoration experts you hire should not only have the skills and expertise needed to restore the building, but should also maintain compliance with all local construction laws and best practices. Property owners, however, must also have a basic understanding of all that’s involved in their project, and to help, we have compiled a list of some commonly asked questions about fire damage restoration.

1. How many days are required to complete the restoration?

Given the number of variables taken into account during fire restoration, it is difficult to come up with the exact number of days required to do the job. Although some contractors make certain claims to complete the work in a stipulated timeframe, these are nothing more than marketing gimmicks to attract clients. Every reputable company first surveys the site to determine the extent of the damage, and based on the findings, provides a time estimate. If you wish to learn more on the subject, you may consult one of our restoration project managers. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions on the estimated dates and phases of our complete restoration project.

2. What if there is a delay in restoration?

Ash produced due to fire is highly acidic in nature and easily dispersed in the environment. The moment ash starts spreading, the building’s climate control systems start picking it up, making it all by the ash can result in water leaks and other structural problems. Ash is not only at the more difficult to eliminate. Given its acidic nature, ash may start to damage various materials, if it is allowed to sit for long, especially on glass and metal. Ash can severely damage glass, including window panes, which may call for replacements. Moreover, the metal corroded react to the building, but also to the health of occupants of your rental property.

3. What is the restoration process?

Most of the efforts in fire restoration process are made in cleaning the building. In most cases, a thorough cleaning is required, which is a labor intensive job. Our technicians start by inspecting the property to identify the areas where cleanup is needed the most. After that, we go on to the surfaces that seem normal but may have been affected by the disaster. Our professionals use special solutions to neutralize ash and smoke from surfaces that are under siege by damaging ash and soot. Smoke odor is another issue that needs to be resolved. Usually, thermal foggers are used to neutralize the odor in fire-affected areas. The particles released by thermal foggers can go anywhere the smoke goes, wiping them out from areas that are hard to reach.

4. What about safety concerns?

At United Renovations, occupants and workers safety is deemed the primary concern in every restoration project we undertake. During the initial inspection, our restoration experts make it a point to remove safety hazards, such as electrical hazards, debris, slip and trip hazard, from the affected areas. Burnt appliances and electric cords are removed, and risky electric appliances are unplugged for evaluation by a certified electrician. Last but not the least; our team of quality assurance experts ensures all works are carried out with comprehensive safety measures in place and in compliance with state-prescribed safety practices.

The Bottom Line

There are various factors that need to be taken care of during fire restoration. In addition, it is important that there is not much delay in seeking professional fire restoration services. If your property too has suffered fire damage, the interior and exterior renovation team of United Renovations is equipped to take control of the situation and ensure your building is as good as new, without making you break the bank. Should you wish to learn more about our fire restoration services and how we can help, feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you, shortly.

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