Are Amenity Wars Worth Fighting?

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My sports court can beat up your fitness center.
My movie theater is better than your dog park.

When it comes to apartments, amenities are king. At least, that is what the leasing agent will tell you as you are paraded through the never-ending community tour. But what if you are not a dog-owning, parent with a toddler who likes to watch movies in the clubhouse?

We need to have the best business center in the area. If you put in computers, they will come. People need to have a fancy coffee machine in the lounge.

And so the great battle rages on. What do residents want? What do owners need?

At the collision of culture, demographics, education and occupation lies a golden formula for apartment owner success: getting renters to move in and profits to move up. It is a unique mix of art and science. It is part of the process. It is why United Renovations is committed to the success and ROI of our partners, not just our own success. Our partnerships and years of experience help us help you reach your return on investment goals. We understand and can help with interior amenities, public amenities and the right mix of both.

For more information on the top 20 amenities according to renters, see Units Magazine, February 2014.

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