5 Reasons Why Landscaping is a Must for Your Multifamily Property

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Multifamily Property Landscape Renovation The curb appeal of a multifamily property is one of the most important factors that attract potential tenants. That’s the reason most property owners do not mind spending on periodic maintenance. Surprisingly, however, landscaping usually takes a backseat when it comes to multifamily renovations, as owners do not realize the value that it can add to their property. To provide a clearer overview of the benefits of landscaping, in this blog post, we discuss why it is important – not just from the value addition perspective, but also for various other reasons.

1. Curb Pollution

The water that runs off after watering of the lawn or garden of a multifamily property may not seem to be a source of pollution, but the fact is, it carries various pollutants. Well-designed landscapes with resource efficient plants can help curb this problem as they need limited quantity of water, pesticides and fertilizers. Even if you do not go for resource efficient plants, the plants and trees used for landscaping help preserve nature and curb pollution.

2. Increase Energy Efficiency

Landscaping is important for energy conservation. During the winters landscaping can substantially reduce the cold air from infiltrating into the building and the building heat from being lost into the outside environment. Similarly during summer, a proper landscaping where trees provide shade and shrubs direct the cool breeze, help keep the property cool thereby reducing the need of energy equipment to heat or cool the property.

3. Conserve Natural Resources

Landscape science, the research that studies the environmental impact of human activity and habitation on environment suggests that habitation has adverse effects on the natural resources of the areas occupied by human beings. Landscaping such areas with plants and trees can help conserve natural resources such as soil, air and water by allowing reuse of excavation debris and property wastes that are produced during renovations.

4. Inspire Outdoor Living

Landscaping gives residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and experience the natural beauty. People tired of living indoors can use the unused outdoor space to create a serene outdoor living space. For instance, the space can be used to install a patio, or converted to an outdoor living area or dining area where residents can have small get-togethers or barbeque sessions.

5. Improve Inhabitant Safety

Multifamily property owners must ensure that the property is safe and secure for the residents to live. Landscaping helps avoid accidents and prevent injuries to the inhabitants. For instance, if the multifamily property is located on a steep area that has rocks, it is advisable to use retaining walls to prevent rocks from falling and the soil from eroding.

Need Help with Landscaping?

Once you have decided to go with landscaping your multifamily property it is important to ensure that your contractor has the expertise to deliver the If you want your property to stand out from the competition rental properties, work with a professional landscape designer to increase its curb appeal and provide renters that nobody else does. Contact one of our experts at United Renovations, a trusted name in the multifamily real estate renovation, and we will be happy to provide you a no-obligation free consultation.

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