5 Multifamily Outdoor Design Trends to Rule the Charts in 2017

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Blame it on increasingly hectic lifestyles or our innate desire to stay connected with the mother nature, the fact remains the same that the demand for multifamily properties with outdoor living spaces increased sharply in 2016, and the trend is expected to continue in 2017. Multifamily investors, therefore, must include this element in their assets in their next remodeling project, if they haven’t joined the wagon, already. To help tap the potential of outdoor living spaces and ensure you get value from every cent of your investment, we give you five multifamily outdoor design

Multifamily Outdoor Design Trendstrends that are sure to rule the charts in 2017.

1. Cooking Space

Gone are the days when  cooking used to be an indoor chore. Nowadays, people take their cooking time as a platform to socialize apart from transforming culinary skills, that too as an outdoor activity. Dining under the skyline is also a lucrative option preferred by tenants in multifamily properties. Outdoor cooking spaces can become more functional with an isolated place for the chef, a barbecue, a grilling space and a comfortable seating arrangement for the guests. As people are incredibly short of time, they are desirous of spending leisure time indoors with an outdoor feel. Therefore, the idea of attaching outdoor kitchen to multifamily properties can be an instant hit.

2. Party Area

A large proportion of millennials are also hedonistic party animals. Millennials have an innate inclination to house parties and given their hectic schedules; they prefer to hang out at home even during the weekends. Therefore, the concept of outdoor party areas is trending even now, and is expected to remain in 2017 and years to come. Therefore, equipping outdoor spaces with seating in the form of plush outdoor chairs, furniture made from reclaimed wood and contrasting cushions can set up the desired ambience for a party, or just a weekend get together. Expanding outdoor seating not only enhances the value of multifamily properties, but also plays a significant role in luring tenants in the long run.

3. Entertainment Pads

Apart from being workaholics, millennials are also music, movie, and gaming fanatics. Therefore, turning outside spaces into movie theaters with surround sound system and comfortable seating is a promising method to attract millennial tenants over the time. Additionally, dedicated gaming zones with the latest gadgets and consoles are also known to perform a decent job in alluring millennial tenants. As these places can easily turn into socializing platforms and hangout zones, the trend has gained significant traction in 2016 and is supposed to continue in 2017 and beyond.

4. Rooftop Pool

A rooftop pool is also a spectacular method to accentuate the value of a multifamily property. While swimming pools have become a standard idea, rooftop pools carry a larger appeal for the millennial generation. Rooftop pools provide a chance to part ways from a tiring day and relax while sipping a glass of wine or just homemade espresso. Besides a rooftop pool, setting up lounge seating, barbecue, firepits and some foliage and staples can be an enticing offer to present to the millennials.

5. Cabanas

Cabanas are the savior for hot, sunny days when people can breathe in fresh air without the fear of tanning. They can be used for a quick nap or to enjoy the showers without getting drenched. An added advantage of Cabanas in multifamily properties is that they can be furnished with beach or pool lounge chairs, a drink holding table or any other ways desired by the occupants. Moreover, they can also act as an extension of the living space for occasional purposes such as accommodating guests if equipped with a mini refrigerator, small sleeping couches, and a TV.

The Bottom Line

Transforming outdoor living spaces requires prior planning to keep up with the investments without losing track of time. Moreover, it is crucial to understand the price point of the outdoor renovations and derive the desired ROI from the investments. As many factors demand simultaneous attention, the likelihood of getting haywire and deviating from the design goals cannot be undermined. Catering to the requirements, United Renovations offers a range of design services for multifamily renovations. We understand the criticality of your investments and suggest outside renovations that derive the maximum value. To learn more about our design services, call us at (972) 432-6922 or simply fill out our contact form.

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