5 Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Multifamily Properties

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Interior Design Ideas for Multifamily Properties by United RenovationsHome interior design trends are constantly changing. Open spaces with flexible layouts, for instance, have long been one of the major selling points of multifamily apartments. Similarly, some new interior design ideas are also making waves in both residential and commercial spaces.

Consider these five interior design ideas that will help multifamily property owners enhance the appeal and value of their property and attract more tenants.

1. Finished Ceilings

The ceiling is no longer an ordinary part of the room that’s painted and forgotten. Home designers today treat ceilings as a fifth wall, where they are experimenting with different designs. White ceiling tiles, for instance, lend a charming appeal, while a wood-beam ceiling delivers a farmhouse or country vibe. Owing to their versatility, several multifamily property owners are experimenting with finished ceilings to style the apartments.

2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular with multifamily property owners and are gradually replacing subway tiles that have run their course as a major wall design. From interwoven triangles to black and gray mirroring and subdued backdrop arrangements, multifamily owners are experimenting with an array of new design options. If you are offering furnished apartments, consult a multifamily design service provider that can suggest some suitable styles complementing the furniture.

3. Large Windows

Large windows are commonly installed at commercial complexes but are now becoming popular with residential buildings, especially multifamily properties. Large windows allow more natural light into the unit, reducing the need for electricity, thereby lowering the power bills. In addition, natural light make the ambience vibrant and rooms appears to be a lot more spacious, which can be an point of attraction for renters.

4. LED Lights

LED lights are environment-friendly and give multifamily spaces a new identity during nighttime while keeping a check on power bills and carbon emission. LED lights are more luminous than traditional lights and you can also go for options that create patterned accents. Installing LED lighting in multifamily properties can help create a rich ambience that will surely be an attraction for prospective renters.

5. Custom Cabinetry

Renters take out world with them, wherever they go. One of the biggest challenges that they face when moving to a new rental apartment is storage space. It is, therefore, important that you address this omnipresent concern. Custom cabinetry, to an extent, can help provide renters sufficient space to store their belongings. Consult the multifamily residential design services contractor about the style of custom cabinetry that will suit the apartments and prospective renters.

Wrap Up

Investing in any of these interior design trends can help you enhance the appeal of your multifamily property. Consult United Renovation, an experienced residential design services company in Texas, and our team of designers will understand your requirement and suggest the  best options. We offer commercial design services to assist commercial property owners improve the appeal of their property. If you wish to learn more about our services or discuss your home design needs, fill out our contact form or call (972) 432-6922.

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