5 Green Building Trends to Watch Out For in 2016

Glass of modern tower for business background

Glass of modern tower for business background[/caption]Going green is an important consideration for all industries in our world today. For multifamily property investors, utilizing green building trends makes both moral and economical sense. From economical standpoint, green building technologies make sense, as most millennials, who form the majority of the people occupying multifamily properties, like to be part of eco-friendly initiatives.

Let’s take a look at five building trends that multifamily renovation contractors follow; allowing multifamily investors to save some love for the planet, and at the same time, enhance the value and marketability of their property.
1. Biodegradable Construction Materials
Using biodegradable construction materials, such as natural paints, help minimize indoor pollutants. Biodegradable materials naturally decompose without causing any land pollution. Steel beams made from recycled metal, for instance, are more resistant to extreme weather conditions when compared to traditional wooden beams. Moreover, they eliminate the need to cut down trees to prepare wooden beams for construction purpose. Similarly, compressed bricks made from recycled materials provide a much more eco-friendly alternative to standard bricks.

2. Zero-energy Building
Zero-energy buildings, also known as zero net energy (ZNE) buildings, are designed and engineered to harness renewable sources of energy to address their power requirements. This green scheme involves the use of solar panels, biofuel systems, and wind mills, to make the building operate independently of the electric grid, therefore, saving energy and keeping greenhouse gas emissions to the minimum. Zero-energy multifamily buildings provide long-term benefits; making the investment a worthwhile proposition for property owners and stakeholders.

3. Energy Efficient Roofs
Almost half of the energy bill that multifamily property owners pay is due to the high cost of heating and cooling their buildings. It is, therefore, ideal to choose energy-efficient roofs that act as a shelter against extreme weather conditions. Cool and green roofs bear high levels of thermal emittance and solar reflectance; working together to absorb less amount of heat. Cool roofs are 50 to 60 degrees cooler as compared to a traditional dark-colored asphalt roof. They, therefore, help to minimize energy costs of multifamily investors, improve the comfort of the occupants of the multifamily apartment, trim down maintenance costs, reduce urban heat island effect besides associated smog, and increase the life cycle of the roof.

4. Low-E Windows and Smart Glass
Low-E or Low-Emittance Windows are coated with metallic oxide to block the harmful radiations of the sun during summer and keep interiors warm at the time of winter. Most importantly, these windows considerably reduce HVAC costs. Smart glasses of Low-E windows lighten or tint based on ambient conditions, user controls or programming. Energy performance projections of multifamily apartments depict significant gains from the smartglass utilization. Besides energy savings, smart glass adds to your occupants’ satisfaction and comfort.

5. Green Architecture
Green Architecture is a sustainable method of green building design, i.e. the design and construction with the environment in mind. The “green” architect or designer tries to preserve the earth, the air, and the water by opting for eco-friendly building materials and construction practices while constructing a new building or adapting an existing one. The green architecture consists of the several features such as ventilation systems, water-saving plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient lighting, and appliances, alternate power sources such as the wind and the solar power, and non-synthetic and non-toxic construction materials.

Multifamily investors should calculate the total cost of renovation and the amount of rent they can increase post renovation. They should go ahead with the renovation if the benefits outweigh the expenses. In the case that you need a no-obligation free consultation on renovating your multifamily property, call our multifamily renovation contractors at (972) 818-1065, or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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