4 Roof Coatings for Multifamily and Commercial Properties

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Investing in high quality roof coating is a sensible decision for multifamily and commercial property owners, especially given the surge in environmental concerns and maintenance costs. A coating not only shields the roof from UV rays of the sun, but it also improves the energy efficiency of the property. It also limits the cycles of expansion and contraction of the roof, which may lead to premature failure. All leading contractors provide and promote roof coatings, as part of their commercial and multifamily roofing services. To help you make an informed decision, we discuss a few recommendable roof coating options for commercial and multifamily properties. Take a look.

1. Asphalt Emulsion

First, we have the emulsified asphalt emulsion coating, which is primarily constituted by asphalt particles dispersed in water, along with clay as the secondary emulsifying component. The coating also incorporates several organic and inorganic fibers that provide extra strength and durability. Available in black and brown colors, asphalt emulsion coatings can also be converted into reflective coatings with the addition of aluminum pigment or titanium dioxide into the primary asphalt emulsion. You would only require 1.5 gallons of this coating material to coat approximately 100 square feet of the roof area, using only a push broom.

2. Acrylic

Acrylic roof coatings contain several types of acrylic polymers that give them an extended lifespan and durability. These coatings are available in various colors, most commercial roofing contractors recommend white coatings for their high reflectivity. Typically, roofs require two coats of acrylic coating, with the second coat to be applied perpendicular to the first. Just a gallon of acrylic roof coating material can coat 100 square feet of the roof area, and can be applied be either a spray or roller. Thanks to exceptional durability, low cost, and easy application, acrylic roof coatings are one of the safest choices for multifamily and commercial properties.

3. Solvent-Based Asphalt

These coatings are also known as “cutback coatings”, because of the asphalt, which is in the solid state at room temperature, is “cut back” with a solvent to liquefy the coating. Liquefying the coating allows roof maintenance services to apply the coating in an even manner. These cutback coatings are available in asphalt black color scheme and a reflective coating scheme with aluminum finish. Applying this coating onto the roof for the first time or during a roof renovation requires the usage of heavy-nap rollers, and the rate of 1.5 gallons to coat 100 square feet of roof area.

4. Silicone

Silicone coatings are biodegradable. Available in many color schemes, including translucent and reflective white finish, these coatings could be sprayed or applied using a medium-nap roller. To cover 100 square feet of roof area, you would need approximately 2 to 3.5 gallons of coating, depending upon the type of substrate. Silicone coatings can endure ponding water for extended periods and easily adhere to most of the substrates without requiring a primer. In short, silicone coatings satisfy both the criteria of quality and cost-effectiveness, which explains their ever-increasing demand.

Wrapping up

Roof coating is a cost-effective solution to add to the lifespan of a roofing system and minimize the impact of natural elements. Before in a roof coating, however, it essential to conduct a comprehensive inspection to ascertain the condition of the roof and its vulnerability to degradation. If you are looking for a trustworthy multi-family roofing services provider for roof renovations, repairs, or installation, look no further than United Renovations. To learn more, call us at (972) 432-6922 or visit our contact page and one of our representatives will get back to you, shortly.

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