3 Multifamily Design Trends That Will Rule 2018

Multifamily Design Trends That Will Rule 2018 by United Renovations

Considering the evolving needs of multifamily property tenants, keeping units rented in a multifamily building is not easy. What’s worse is that according to a report by The Wall Street Journal the bull market for multifamily units is on the decline. In a scenario like this, attracting multifamily tenants is going to be far more difficult than what is has been so far. To help, in this post we list three multifamily design trends that multifamily property owners and managers must adapt to ensure maximum occupancy.

1. Promote Personalized Spaces

As millennials constitute a large percentage of renters that rent multifamily units, it’s important to ensure that your multifamily property has personalized spaces. Hire multifamily design services that can help you design units that reflect adaptability, flexibility and personalization. Some of the ways to promote personalized spaces is to install lightweight furniture that can easily be moved around. Similarly, you can install furnishings that serve multiple functions

2. Allow Flexibility

The best way to allow flexibility in multifamily units is to add options that allow transformations. Installing moveable or retractable walls in large spaces, for instance, is a great way of using the area for multiple purposes. For example, if there is a large closed space in your multifamily building you can create two partitions in it for two different activities such as yoga and meditation. Later, if you need the entire space for a large group activity such as Zumba, all you gotta do is push the wall to one side of the room.

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3. Focus on Durability

When designing multi family open spaces, let durability be your priority. Opt for durable materials that will not just last longer, but will also not undergo a lot of wear and tear. For example if you are installing a sofa in the lobby, you got to ensure that it is made of a material that not just gives the lobby a grand and eloquent look during the cocktail parties, but is also durable enough to handle a raucous children’s party. The same is applicable when choosing the flooring, the furnishings and other items that will be installed in the common area.

Wrap Up

If you want to keep up with the industry trend then you go to adapt the multifamily design trends discussed in this post. Get in touch with us at United Renovations, a multifamily design services company in Texas. Discuss your requirement with our team of designers who will suggest you the best option to help you improve the appeal of your property. To learn more about our services or discuss your home design needs, fill out our contact form or simply call (972) 432-6922.

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